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alcohol lied to me fat guy friday weight loss club the god enigma Craig Beck Audio Books Craig Beck Audio Books Craig Beck Audio Books
Craig Beck Audio Books Craig Beck Audio Books
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Craig Beck Audio Books Craig Beck Audio Books

Craig Beck Audio Books
Craig Beck Audiobooks Craig Beck Audio Books

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Craig Beck is a Sony (Radio Academy) gold award winning professional broadcaster, #1 best selling success author and media consultant with over 20 years experience working for radio and television stations across Europe.

Craig started his broadcasting career with Radio Wyvern, Worcestershire in 1991 under the infamous and legendary Norman Bilton. He has since worked for market leading radio stations (on and off the air) around the United Kingdom including Mercia FM (Coventry), Rock FM (Preston), Key 103 (Manchester), Viking FM (Hull), Real Radio (North East). Craig lives on the east coast of the beautiful island of Cyprus in the traditional Cypriot village of Pyla on the outskirts of Larnaca.

In 1995 he qualified as a master clinical hypnotist and set up a practice in Coventry, England. Around this time he began researching the common behavioural traits of famously successful people. The results of this study would go on to form the backbone of his first audio book series 'The New Science Of Persuasion And Influence'.

Now with 30 diverse books on depression and anxiety, alcohol addiction, the law of attraction, wealth mastery and sales persuasion techniques Craig frequently tops Itunes charts around the world. Both 'The Hypnotic Salesman' and 'Swallow The Happy Pill' have been number one best sellers in their field. Other books in the range include 'The God Enigma', 'Alcohol Lied To Me' and the best selling Subattraction Hypnosis Range.

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    Craig Beck Best Sellers:

  • The Abundance Matrix -- Audible - Itunes - Amazon

    There is a secret that is shared by the world's wealthiest and most successful individuals: a real life genie that delivers your dreams to you, before you even get a chance to wish for them. However, unlike the fictional story of Aladdin, there is not just one lamp. This gift is available to anyone who is prepared to open his or her mind to the concepts of The Abundance Matrix.

    Alcohol Lied To Me -- Audible - Itunes - Amazon

    In this book he will lead you though the same amazing process. The Craig Beck stop drinking method is unique: No need to declare yourself an alcoholic. It's a permanent cure, not a lifetime struggle. There are no group meetings or expensive visits to rehab. No humiliation, no pain, and 100% no will power required. His method treats the source of the problem, not the symptoms.

    The Now Method -- Audible - Itunes - Amazon

    The Now Method is a system of understanding the causes of anxiety, panic, and depression and at the same time reprogramming the subconscious to retake control from the over endorsed conscious or ego. Designed by a sufferer of the symptoms to cure his own condition, the success of the course is partly attributed to the empathy Craig Beck demonstrates throughout. In 'The Now Method you will discover what causes your symptoms to present, how to stop anxiety, panic, and depression instantly, and most importantly, how to quickly recover completely.

    Swallow The Happy Pill -- Audible - Itunes - Amazon

    Happiness is indeed a simple request but most assume it is hidden and only the very few are fortunate enough to discover the treasure map that leads to its secret location. Swallow The Happy Pill will show you that you not already own the map but you are currently standing right on top of the big red X that marks the spot of that buried treasure you crave so much. This book will change how you think about everything; it will shatter your beliefs and dramatically transform your life.

    The New Science Of Persuasion & Influence -- Audible - Itunes - Amazon

    People who have an advanced knowledge of all our subtle levels of communications have a vast advantage in all areas of life. In The New Science of Persuasion and Influence, Craig Beck reveals the secrets used by leading persuasion professionals to get the specific outcome they want with everyone they meet. He will show you how these techniques have been used to influence you in the past and how you can build subliminal commands into your everyday communication to get amazing results.

    The Hypnotic Salesman -- Audible - Itunes - Amazon

    The Hypnotic Salesman is the culmination of over a decade of research into why some people seem to be able to sell anything to anyone and in doing so attract into their lives absolutely anything they desire. On this short audio course you will learn truly amazing persuasion skills and techniques to get what you want, everyday and with anyone. You'll learn about the power of emotional trigger words, and how you can make people feel not just listen.

    The God Enigma -- Audible - Itunes - Amazon

    After two decades of searching for the answers to these and many more of man’s deepest questions, Craig Beck discovered something amazing and life changing. It took a complete loss of faith and disillusionment with religion to force a dramatic change in his path that revealed not only the answers to those burning questions but also the secrets to life as we dream it to be - full of abundance, happiness and love.

    Astral Projection -- Audible - Itunes - Amazon

    Astral projection occurs when you consciously separate your soul or astral body from your physical body. Your consciousness goes with the astral body. The difference between this and an out-of body experience is that astral projection leaves the body with a conscious intent and can last as long as you want it to. When you astral travel, your body is left behind in the physical world, functioning as normally as it would otherwise. A silver cord (which attaches your physical body to the astral body) keeps you connected. At the point of death, the silver cord is severed, you die and your soul continues to its next destination.

    Fat Guy Friday -- Audible - Itunes - Amazon

    In Fat Guy Friday, Craig pulls no punches and delivers a wake up call designed to change your life for the better, forever! The two reasons why you are overweight.Why every diet you have ever tried has failed. What the diet industry doesn’t want you to know. The secrets only slim people know. How to lose weight and feel great without feeling hungry, ever! Feel better and more healthy than you ever thought possible.

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